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Audiobooks : How to Start and have an Enjoyable Conversation With Anyone, Anywhere.

This CD May Change Your LIfe, Because You Will Learn All These….
Part 1

1. How Do Successful People Become Successful?
2. How To Look and Move Like A Winner Without Saying A Single Word
3. How To Start A Conversation Comfortably
4. Practical Ideas To Continue A Conversation
5. How To Have A Conversation Even When You Have Nothing More To Say!
6. How To Make Everyone Around You Feel Comfortable
7. Learn The “Mirroring Technique” and How To Use It Effectively
8. Practical Techniques That You Can Use To Create A Positive Image of Yourself Starting Form TODAY!

Part 2

1. Understand The Difference Between Mars (Men) and Venus (Women)
2. What Is Important To Mars May Not Be Important To Venus
4. How Mars & Venus BEHAVE DIFFERENT When Under STRESS
5. Some Really Good Advice For Mars To Treat Venus
6. Some Really Good Advise For Venus To Treat Mars

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Change your life Part1

Change your life Part2

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Change your life Part1

Change your life Part2

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