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You Were Born Rich - Bob Proctor

Are you ready to cash in on the riches inside of you? Bob Proctor's international best-seller "You Were Born Rich" guides you through all the major principles you must understand in order to unlock the vast wealth of potential buried inside of you.

Unlock the hidden and rich potential that allows you to achieve every financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual dream you've imagined for yourself. The Born Rich Learning System is the result of over 27 years of intensive research into why we behave the way we do and why we don't do many of the things we want to do.

For years Bob Proctor has studied the workings of the human mind and researched all the information he could find on the laws governing success and human potential. This program is the most complete exposition of his findings in the Proctor library.
This is your opportunity to put yourself in the audience as Bob Proctor and John Kanary lead you through this 2-day workshop. You'll meet people in the audience whose lives have been changed and hear their amazing stories.
Some of these stories include:

* The real estate agent who went from failing to ranking in the Top Ten (See the smile on his wife's face)
* The man who manifested the car of his dreams
* The insurance company manager who took a branch office in a tiny midwestern town to #1 in a company of 500 offices, beating New York, Chicago and Los Angeles
* The couple who had always thought that owning a house was an impossible dream, and how they changed that in only a few months

Here's just some of what you will learn in this life-changing program:

* How to successfully balance the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and physical parts of your being
* The little-known secrets of how your mind really works - and how to use these secrets to get the most out of your mental processes
* Why you are getting the results you are, and how to change any result in your life
* The Formula for Financial Freedom
* How to use the Natural Laws of the Universe to your maximum benefit
* How to use the Law of Attraction to make succeeding easy
* The most effective way to change any habit
* How to use the Vaccuum Law to get what you want
* A simple method for living a relaxed and balanced life

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